My name is Blake Ferrell.  I’m originally from Stillwater, Oklahoma.  I am married to my beautiful wife Kristy, and we have a daughter on the way.  I have a degree in Accounting from Oklahoma State University.  After college I spent four years working full-time as an accountant in Private Equity and Business Consulting.  In May of 2011 I finished my Masters degree at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts.  By “finish,” I mean that I participated in graduation ceremonies…I still had two courses to finish up at that point.  I finished the last of those courses in November.  During my time in Boston I served at City on a Hill Church.  My wife and I have since moved to Clearwater, Florida.  Currently I work part-time as an accountant and part-time as a minister with Restoration Church.

We are starting a Bible Study on the book of Luke on February 8th.  If you would like to join us or know someone who would, email me or leave a comment.  You don’t have to be a Christian to come, you just need to have a desire to study the Bible in the context of community.

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